About us

The main motto of our company is a professional and efficient approach to customers, and all participants in our business. The customer is the center of our activity and the main goal is to meet the demands and interests of the client. The only way to achieve this goal is applying the recognized methods and procedures, with the involvement of professional staff dedicated in obtaining the best possible results. Being for years on the market, we highlight the quality and range of our products and represent a number of foreign and domestic manufacturers of central heating equipment . Our task is also to respect all customer requirements, and to provide a complete support in the selection of goods from our sales range. We believe that our work was completed successfully once we are entirely sure that our clients were satisfied.

Quality policy

The quality of products in our wide range was never questioned, thanks to the standards we set within the company. Though we offer similar products with different prices, quality of even the low-priced product is indisputable, and our customers at any time can enjoy all the guarantees which are passed over to them in case of the rare problems that might occur in terms of quality. We were very careful in terms of choice of our suppliers, and one can say with no doubt, that the quality of our products has never been subject to negotiations. All our products were previously tested either by the supplier, or by some of the numerous independent quality assurance institutions. Therefore, one of the pages of this presentation is proudly presenting all our partners whose products are part of our sales range.


The overall competitiveness was one of the basic attributes of our sales policy since the Company foundation. The fact, that the price acceptability of our sales range was very quickly recognized by the market, provided a very rapid turnover growth to the Company as well as the quick increase of the number of customers. The essence of our competitiveness is in a very organized approach while purchasing and selling commodities, and very professional treatment of our customers, starting from the very first contact.


Our core business is the distribution of central heating equipment to all segments of the Serbian market. In the early days of the Company, operations were focused to the wholesale business mainly, but after few years we started selling to private individuals. We are proud to say that ever since then our Company warmed up over 4000 households and that the central heating equipment delivered by Metacon is the part of many homes today.

Charity activities

We are pleased for beeing able to help those ones weighed down on the very beginning of their life. Our donations are mostly aimed at childrens organizations, attempting to help this vulnerable group as much as possible. We believe that we will still be able to do so in future.

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